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Around the House of the Lord

(Vol 12)

Do you know what is awesome?

Working feverishly during a pandemic to repair and improve our Lord’s houses of worship. Phase one of the limestone restoration work is complete and it looks fabulous. You can really tell the difference with the original type and color of mortar as well as proper bed depths to hold each stone in place. We actually replaced 28 stones in all that were too far damaged to last another 50+ years. The two towers, second and third stories are complete as well as the turrets and inside the bell chamber area. There is still much more to do and I vow that before I retire again, I will see that the entire exterior of the building is restored and ready to serve our community for another 130 years.


The main sign on the west side of the building has also been restored and has new lettering with our new Pastor Kay’s name on it. I am also working on the main entrance to treat the rusted metal and preserve the structure with new paint.


Monday, July 13th, the refurbished bell will be making its trip back up into the tower. We had hoped to have a big celebration, but the health and safety of our community comes first, so we will forego the festivities for now. You are welcome to stop by and watch from a socially distanced location. I’m guessing we will be hoisting parts, along with the bell itself, all morning. It should be ready to ring by the end of the day.


Did I mention it is busy around here even though we are closed? The Sanctuary sound loop project is underway and has grown into a sizable venture. The way the carpet was installed 20 years ago, necessitated complete removal of all of the pews as well as the old carpet and pad. Therefore, while we were at it, we decided to install wood plank flooring under the pews and on the rest of the stage area. This detail will prevent future carpet installations from requiring the removal of the pews again. We concluded that the new look will add to the rich wood interior, enhance historical accuracy, and help minimize future disruptions to the Sanctuary.


While the building will be far from finished, it will be noticeably different and refreshed when we finally return to in-person worship and fellowship, either with or without the COVID virus precautions and safety measures. In 2nd Chronicles chapter 7, fire came down and consumed the offerings and sacrifices, and then the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord so full that no one could enter. The people had to bow down in the streets to give praise to God. They gave him thanks saying, “For He is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” This chapter relates to our current situation where we can’t meet inside the building. But rest assured, the Lord’s house is so full of his grace and glory, it is overflowing into all of your homes through innovative new ways to worship. When the House of the Lord is complete (verse 11), the Lord will bless his house and we will be able to all meet safely again.


Drive by and see the exterior improvements. Once the bell is in place, we will be ringing it often.
Let me know when you’re here and I can ring it just for you.

Blessings to all,
Marc Ridenour
Facilities Manager

The bell was raised and rang out July 13, 2020.

Watch as the cross goes up and the restored bell rings for the first time in it home in the tower.

Marc Ridenour
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