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Our Big Garden

One out of every SIX children in the U.S. is at risk of hunger. For African-American and Latino children, it's one in three.

Big Garden donated just over 1500 pounds of produce to Just Food in 2021. Nice work Big Gardeners!

A Big Garden Project

The Big Garden is a United Methodist Ministry
Whose goal is to reduce hunger by increasing access to fresh, healthy produce and teaching people to grow, cook, & preserve their own!

The Big Garden has helped to establish
more than 170 community gardens in urban and rural communities throughout Nebraska, Kansas, and Southwest Iowa

Click the image to check out The Big Garden Website
Featuring lots of great information, facts, tips, training, recipes and much more! 


First Church is partnering with The Giving Grove to plant four Asian Pear trees at the West Campus adjacent to the Big Garden.

Watch the video to learn more about The Giving Grove.  > 

How Our Garden Grows

Space available for anyone in the Lawrence community that is interested in gardening!

First Church’s Big Garden Features

4’ x 8’ raised beds for families & individuals
Handicapped accessible raised bed garden
Large “on the ground” garden for the Just Food pantry

Good fellowship during our weekly gardening evenings!
An opportunity to feed our bodies and nourish our souls!

Join us for Group Garden Night every Wednesday at 5:00 pm
March 14 thru the last Thursday in October 2022.

Our church garden provides much needed fresh produce to our community through weekly donations to Just Food. Love to garden or want to learn how? We welcome your help and fellowship!


Please contact Laura Irick
or Dan Harden:

Preparing for 2021 Growing Season

Manure on the garden beds. It will simmer a while there, freeze and thaw a few times and then be tilled into the bed so we will have happy plants come next spring.

2020 Growing Season