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Around the House of the Lord

Do you know what is awesome?
Unexpected blessings! They can be found all through the Bible. In Deuteronomy 28:2, we read that unexpected blessings will be poured out on those who hear the voice of the Lord. Have you been listening?


Each day 11 million undocumented immigrants contribute to our society working essential jobs in agriculture, health care, transportation, and other service industries. Immigrants participate in and sacrifice for our congregations and communities as family, friends, and neighbors. And yet, each day is lived with uncertainty for the future and fear of being stripped away from family, home, and community.

We are the Church Together

Staying connected to God and each other is vital for surviving this time of trial, and whatever else may come. We can do more than survive- we can thrive!

A Call for Grace and Why

As a Reconciling congregation, we disagree with the exclusion of LGBTQ in the full life of our church (marriage and ordination specifically) and advocate for change in policy. We hope that you are aware that 2/3 of United Methodists in the USA believe that all discriminatory language about homosexuals should be removed from the Book of Discipline.

Around the House of the Lord

While the building will be far from finished, it will be noticeably different and refreshed when we finally return to in-person worship and fellowship, either with or without the COVID virus precautions and safety measures.

Wealth Inequity (installment 1)

Homelessness, poverty, inadequate health care, rising health problems, debt, racism, worsening class/cultural divisions, insufficient personal savings, over-crowded penal systems, lack of mental health care, deteriorating public infrastructure, under-funded and failing public education. This is a long, although not exhaustive, list of the problems we all face in our lives, either directly or indirectly. If not the only source, wealth inequity is a major root cause of them all.

The Family

The Covid-19 Pandemic amplifies how much more difficult it is to provide for our families when we are experiencing a change in income or shelter due to unemployment or other circumstances.

Under Construction

The United Methodist Church has a long and rich history of concern for social justice which was demonstrated, for example, when the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, spoke out against the exploitation of the poor and some early Methodists spoke out against the slave trade.

Around the House of the Lord

If you have driven by our Historic downtown building, you may have noticed that the sidewalks are closed and fenced off with two large lifts sitting on the street.
There is also scaffolding set up on the bell tower platform.

A Heart for Giving

Do we really BELIEVE that God will provide for all our needs (not necessarily wants) personally and as a church? Do we believe that all we have is His anyway and we’re entrusted to be in charge of a tiny piece of it? If we don’t, why not? What does God need to do to prove that He is faithful? Well, He knew you would ask! 😊