February 27, 2019

Meal Packaging

During this Lent & Easter, you are invited to participate in a book study and mission program based upon Pastor Tyler’s Solidarity: Living Beyond Sacrifice.

The study provides tools that prompt conversations about discipleship and social holiness.

There are three main parts to the Study and Program:
Read the book & devotionals
Practice solidarity with impoverished and hungry people through fasting or meal replacement
Participate in the Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event

Our event will take place on Saturday, April 27th from 2 to 3 pm at the West Campus Celebration Center.

Books are available at Amazon.com in paperback ($5) and Kindle ($2.99) formats.

Paperbacks can also be ordered through the office in person or through tyler@fumclawrence.org.

To participate in the meal packaging event or sponsor a packer, email tyler@fumclawrence.org.

Cost for packaging is $35/person and covers the price of the food that will be packaged, as well as the shipping cost to send meals to partner organizations.

Note: Although the most impactful way to do the program is to participate in all three parts, sometimes people cannot do them all. That is okay! You do not have to do the study in order to sponsor or package. You do not have to do the packaging in order to do the study.