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Wesley Nature Trail

Enjoy the Wesley Nature Trail, beautiful in every season!

Needing to get outside and exercise in a safe, uncrowded environment? Try the Wesley Nature Trail at West Campus, just South of the Celebration Center. As we are all hunkered down, we need to remember that exercise of any kind is important to our physical and mental health. That is why exercising outdoors (while social distancing) is exempted from stay-at-home health directives. Just getting outside to see the blooms of spring lifts our spirits. Exercise just 30-45 minutes a day, such as walking or running, makes a huge difference in how we feel about the world around us.

Wesley Nature Trail is a non-strenuous 0.7-mile loop, half asphalt and half fine gravel, and is suitable for all ages. It passes by two wetland areas and a pond, and offers scenic vistas, seclusion and an escape from the outside world. Three park benches are spaced along the route if you wish to pause and take in the scenery. The trail is pet friendly, a great place for families to explore nature and is suitable for jogging strollers.

Although you may not see another soul on your loop around Wesley Nature Trail, here are some social distancing tips:
• Do not walk in unrelated groups
• Maintain an appropriate distance (>6 feet)
• Provide a wide berth while passing (the path is ten feet wide)
• If you come up behind someone, let them know of your approach so that both can maintain a comfortable distance

Wesley Nature Trail Guide PDF